Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'm sure you have heard by now (if not the actual song, then at least the news) the new single from pop princess, Britney Spears's upcoming album. "Hold It Against Me" was released on Tuesday, January 11 and it has reached the top of the itunes digital singles charts.

While the song is fun, catchy and has got a great crunchy beat, "Hold It Against Me" is more about the production, done by current pop kings, Max Martin and Dr.Luke than by the actual vocals by Ms Spears, who ably provides her trademark breathy chirp but this song could have been done by pretty much anyone who can carry a tune (and with today's technology, it really could truly be anybody, since being able to actually sing is no longer a requirement).

On  the other hand, the lead singer of the band, Gossip, Beth Ditto has just released her first solo project. For this four song EP, she has teamed up with electronica band, Simian Mobile Disco, moving from punk rocker to disco chanteuse. She also offers some heavy dance tunes plus she can truly sing with that soulful, powerful wail but it's highly unlikely that she will attract anywhere near the same amount of attention as Ms Spears, which is a shame.

So who should it be, Britney or Beth?

No need to make any real decsion since both ladies have some interesting and different music to offer and besides, there is plenty of room for both artists in this wide musical landscape.

Britney Spears - "Hold It Against Me"

Beth Ditto - "I Wrote The Book"


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