Sunday, February 20, 2011


I had done a post a little while ago comparing the latest songs by Britney Spears and Beth Ditto of Gossip and now both have released the music videos for each of their tunes.

Both videos owe a large debt to the visual imagery of  the Material Girl back in her glory days, most especially Ms Ditto who we first see carrying a suitcase, in black and white photography, down a long hotel hallway in the video for her first single, "I Wrote The Book". Sound familiar? A couple of male dancers voguing in skintight bodysuits are thrown in to complete the look and you now have a 2011 revisiting of Madonna's "Justify My Love". It's all harmless, simple and fun with Ms Ditto looking and being sexy and sassy.

With the video for Ms Spears's hit, "Hold it Against Me" on the other hand, while it's much more subtle in it's homage as it reminds me, in fleeting moments, of Madonna's "Bedtime Story" but this video comes across as an overly busy and unfocused mess. Britney, who is being photographed on a set of electronic garbage, lip-syncs her single, surrounded by her standard troupe of male dancers as we are bombarded by fast cuts of a battle between two "Britneys", stiff dancing, flying paint and "Rocky Horror" lips  By the end of the video, I felt like I was suffering from whiplash. There was just way too much going on in this four minute clip.

Check out the videos and judge for yourself:

And just to make the comparison, here is the video of Madonna's "Justify My Love":


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