Tuesday, May 17, 2011


The story goes that when Jocelyn Stoker, a British ten year old in 1997, saw a commercial for Aretha Franklin's greatest hits, she later asked her mother for it for Christmas. She received the gift and it changed her life in more ways than one. She responded to the music and learned to sing in the style of the great r&b singers.

By the time she was thirteen, she won singing contests, received a recording contract and became professionally known as Joss Stone.

Her first album, "The Soul Sessions" was released in 2003 and featured a collection of classic r&b songs. Like Teena Marie before her, her face was not featured on the album because she was white and the label wanted people to just listen to her voice and not be distracted by her race.

Joss Stone has achieved  much success, releasing four albums and selling over eleven million records worldwide to date.

This tune is from her third album, "Introducing Joss Stone" and the song barely made the Hot 100 charts in 2007 which is too bad because it's a great song.


"Tell Me 'Bout It" - Joss Stone (2007)


During a loving musical tribute while receiving this year's lifetime achievement award from BET, we were reminded of what an amazing ...