Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Lisa Stansfield is another British blue-eyed soul singer who first hit it big in the late 1980's.

She started off with the band, Blue Zone UK that consisted of Ian Devaney (who later became her husband) and Andy Morris. They released an album, "Big Thing" with the song, "Jackie", becoming a modest hit in 1987. Then Lisa was a guest vocalist for the group, Coldcut and recorded "People Hold On"  in 1989 with the song reaching number eleven on the UK singles chart and number six on the US Billboard Dance Chart.

It was at this time that Devaney and Morris decided to focus on Lisa as a solo act, so together they wrote and produced the album, "Affection" that was released in 1989. The first single, "All Around The World (Reamstered)" became a worldwide smash with the song reaching number one in eleven countries as well as reaching the top spot on the US r&b chart, making her only the third white female singer to ever achieve this.

Although none of subsequent albums were as big here in the US but I think "Affection" is a near perfect album with every song showcasing a confident and powerful soul vocalist.

One of my favorite songs from the album is, "You Can't Deny It (US Version - Remastered)" with it only being released as a single in this country, where it only reached number fourteen on the pop charts but became her second number one on the r&b charts.

"You Can't Deny It" - Lisa Stansfield (1990)

This is the music video for her first big hit:


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