Sunday, October 23, 2011


I've been having disco fever ever since I had done a post about Chic, one of the super groups of that time. I was just a mere teenager at the height of the disco era, around 1978 and 1979, so I wasn't able to go out and get my groove on out on the dance floor. I had to sadly settle for just listening to the music at home.

I loved disco and never understood the hostility to the music during the whole "Disco Sucks" phase but the music seemed to disappear from radio overnight. The reality is that disco didn't go anywhere. The sound just evolved and it is now known as "dance" which is even more popular today. The sound incorporates house, electronic and hip-hop.

So here are a few classic disco tunes to enjoy and brighten up your day:

"Super Nature" - Cerrone (1977)

"Shake Your Groove Thing" - Peaches & Herb (1978)

"Dance (Disco Heat)" - Sylvester (1978)

"I Love The Nightlife (Disco 'Round)" - Alicia Bridges (1978)

"Dance With Me" - Peter Brown (1978)

"Get Off" - Foxy (1978)

"Knock On Wood" - Amii Stewart (1979)

"Lost In Music" - Sister Sledge (1979)

"Good Times" - Chic (1979)

Here is a new music video from The Young Professionals (TYP) for their song " D.I.S.C.O." that perfectly captures the crazy fun and carefree spirit of the glory days of disco:


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