Sunday, December 11, 2011


Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn, who are better known as the British duo, Everything But The Girl first came to fame around the globe with the hit Todd Terry electro-remix of the song, "Missing" in 1994 but they have been around since the early eighties.

This tune comes from their third album, "Baby, The Stars Shine Bright" (I don't know why but I just LOVE that title!) in 1986 and Everything But The Girl initially began with a jazz/pop sound which was popular at the time in the UK (think Swing Out Sister and Sade).

I don't remember exactly where I actually first heard this song, "Don't Leave Me Behind" although I know for sure that it wasn't on the radio as they didn't play this type of song in suburban Michigan but I can recall that I loved it immediately after I heard it. It is an playful ode to the sunny sounds of the sixties combined with horns and the lovely vocals of Ms Thorn which ends up with a song of pure pop perfection.

"Don't Leave Me Behind" - Everything But The Girl (1986)


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