Wednesday, February 27, 2013


UPDATE:  The U.S. edition of "Devotion" is finally out on April 16th. The album feature two hot new tracks: "Imagine It Was Us" and a remix of "Wildest Moments" featuring A$AP Rocky.  Check out the video for "Imagine":

The rest of the world may be familiar with Brit-soul artist, Jessie Ware but here in the U.S., most people wouldn't have a clue. I'm hopping to put a little spotlight on this talented, twenty-eight year old singer/songwriter.

It would be easy to simply lump her with all of the other English female pop vocalists buzzing around these shores but Ms Ware is offering something slightly different than her counterparts. While American soul most certainly plays a heavy influence to this artist, her music also includes subtle electro-beats that manages to bring a surprisingly ethereal quality to her sound. She may not possess the big voice like some of her peers but you can feel her deep passion in every song.

So, take a moment to check out a couple of tunes from Jessie Ware's debut, "Devotion", you'll be glad you did:

"Devotion" - Jessie Ware (2012)

"110%" - Jessie Ware (2012)

What I love most about Ms Ware is how she has taken some classic r&b tunes and twisted them to sound familiar yet feel completely new and otherworldly. Here are two songs originally done by Bobby Caldwell and Stephanie Mills that the singer puts her distinctive stamp on:

"What You Won't Do For Love" - Jessie Ware (2012)

"Never Knew Love Like This Before" - Jessie Ware (2013)


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