Sunday, March 17, 2013


This tune was inspired by a recent trip to the grocery store as I was strolling through the aisles, this familiar song was playing in the background  While continuing through the store until making my way to the check-out, I noticed that many people were quietly humming along including the cashier.

The song coming from their lips was "Got To Be Real", the disco classic by Cheryl Lynn. What I found remarkable was that this 1979 tune has managed to endure despite being part of what was once considered a completely forgettable trend in music. Back then, "disco" was considered a very dirty word with people actually rioting in the streets to burn the vinyl discs of the offensive music.

The disco era may have faded out but this sound never truly went away. It has slowly evolved in to Electronic dance or "EDM" and has once again taken over the airwaves but this time people have embraced this music wholeheartedly. I think it might possibility be even more popular than disco ever became.

Back to Ms Lynn, after displaying her gifts on the kitschy talent program, "The Gong Show" (and losing out the grand prize to a juggling act), she was offered a recording contract. This dynamic singer went on to record nine studio albums with this song being her biggest hit. "Got To Be Real" is the perfect vehicle to showcase her dazzling, powerful vocals and distinctive phrasing.

I know you all know the tune but how can you ever get tired of this:

"Got To Be Real" - Cheryl Lynn (1979)

Here is a video of another favorite tune of mine, "Shake It Up Tonight":


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