Monday, April 22, 2013

CHRISSY AMPHLETT (1959 - 2013)

Best known for the controversial (at least here in the U.S.) 1991 hit song about female masturbation, "I Touch Myself", Chrissy Amphlett of the Australian rock band, The Divinyls passed away today after a lengthy battle with cancer and multiple sclerosis.

The sexy and provocative vocalist met guitarist, Mark McEntee in 1980 and they formed the Divinyls. The group recorded six studio albums before disbanding in 1996. Amphlett and McEntee did not speak for many years until they were inducted in to the Australian Hall of Fame in 2006. The Divinyls reunited briefly and recorded a single, "Don't Want To Do This" the following year and toured their home country.

Amphlett also performed as an actress making appearances in the 1982 film, "Monkey Grip" and on the Australian stage in the musical, "The Boy From Oz" where she played Judy Garland.

To pay tribute, here is the music video of Chrissy Amphlett with her band doing their smash that reached number four in America, number ten in Britain and number one in Australia:


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