Sunday, September 28, 2014


For this final installment on the early part of the career of Aretha Franklin, today's song is "Cry Like a Baby". This was taken from "Soul Sister", the last official album by Franklin that was released on the Columbia label. The single was the last charting song before she moved over to Atlantic Records. Like most of the previous releases, "Cry Like a Baby" made no impact on the charts although I think it's a really solid track by the future Queen of Soul.

Shortly after Aretha hit it big on her new label in 1967, Columbia Records attempted to cash in on their time and investment with the artist by re-releasing singles and creating compilation albums from previous recordings. Still, nothing really clicked and the outcome remained the same. What the reocrd label failed to realize is that while the music recorded was actually very good, it just didn't allow the singer to unleash all of her power and passion. They were much too busy trying mold her to sound like other popular vocalists on the radio at the time instead of letting her be . . . Aretha.

Here is another song by Miss Aretha Franklin that displayed her early promise as an artist:

"Cry Like A Baby" - Aretha Franklin (1966)


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