Wednesday, February 18, 2015

LESLEY GORE (1946 - 2015)

One of the most popular teenage pop stars of the rock & roll era, Lesley Gore passed away on February 16th after a battle with lung cancer. Born Lesley Goldstein in Brooklyn, New York, she had explored several creative expressions as a child but it was during a demo recording of her singing that led to an audition and later being signed to Mercury Records.

Her first single, "It's My Party" (produced by Quincy Jones) became a number one smash in 1963 when she was seventeen. Other hits followed including "Judy's Turn To Cry" (a sort of sequel to "Party"), "She's a Fool", "That's The Way Boys Are" and "You Don't Own Me", a song that would later be seen as a feminist anthem. During the height of her fame, Gore appeared on the popular show, "Batman" in 1967 as the Catwoman's cohort, Pussycat and performed a couple of new songs.

Gore earned a "Best SongOscar nomination with her brother, Michael for writing "Out Here On My Own", my favorite song from the film, "Fame" in 1980. She also co-wrote the song, "My Secret Love" for the 1996 film, "Grace of My Heart" which was performed by a closeted 60's pop singer (played by Bridget Fonda) loosely based upon herself. Gore released her last studio album, "Ever Since" in 2005 which had ended an over twenty-year gap since her previous recording.

Lesley Gore came out as a lesbian later in life and is survived by her partner of thirty-three years, Lois Sasson.

"You Don't Own Me" - Lesley Gore (1964)

This clip features Lesley Gore performing her first hit, "It's My Party" live:


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