Sunday, February 12, 2017


Katy Perry has just dropped some new music. After a promotion to find disco balls hidden across the globe and share their findings, the dance-flavored track, "Chained To The Rhythm" was released on February 10th.

The thirty-two year old singer (currently revealing her natural blonde hair) co-wrote the song with Sia and producer, Max Martin and features Bob Marley's grandson, Skip who provides vocals. While the tune is catchy and features lyrics questioning our complacency while there is trouble brewing in society over a dancehall beat, it still feels a bit lightweight and predictable. Perry had indicated last year she was ready to explore new, challenging musical horizons with her upcoming album but so far her output to date, including the 2016 Olympic anthem, "Rise", has been pretty safe.

Perry will be making an appearance on tonight's Grammy Awards and will perform "Chained To The Rhythm" live on the show.

The lyric music video is a bit odd but clever. It involves a hamster and food being prepared with miniature furnishings. See if you can make the connection:


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