Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday, while I was driving home from work, I saw not one, but two different billboards, not far from each other, using the beautiful face of Sade to promote a local radio station using the slogan, "Relax. . . and unwind".

This is an accurate feeling you get from the music of Sade, which has been soothing people for over twenty years. It is a wonderful blend of jazz, Caribbean, rhythm & blues and classic pop music that creates the unique sound of Sade.

Sade is absolutely one of my favorite groups and at this point I should say, if you didn't know already, that Sade is actually the name of the band, although it is named after their lead singer, Sade Adu. The rest of the band consists of: Stuart Matthewman who plays guitar and sax, Paul Denman who is the bass player and Andrew Hale who plays keyboards. They all contribute to creating the songs with Ms Adu writing the lyrics.

They have only completed six albums since their debut, "Diamond Life" in 1984 and they just finally released their latest, "Solider of Love" that came out in February.

"Solider of Love" is another great one with their distinctive smoky and seductive sound that includes a few minor contemporary touches sprinkled throughout the record.

Their latest single is a great song, "Baby Father". The set up for this video of Sade singing in a kitchen as she washes dishes is a little odd but Sade looks AMAZING. Here is the music video:

Sade has won three Grammys and has sold more than 50 million CDs across the globe.

Love seems to be a recurring theme in their music, so here are a few of their tunes that I really love:

Love Is Stronger Than Pride.mp3

Hang On To Your Love.mp3

Your Love Is King.mp3


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