Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Here is another installment of the first time we heard the music of some great artists.

Annie Lennox and David A. Stewart started off together in a British punk-rock band called, The Tourists and they were also a romantic item. Tensions within the band as well as desire to change musical directions caused the two to split from the Tourists. Despite also ending their romance, they decided to start a new band and called themselves, The Eurythmics.

They released their first album, "In The Garden" (1981) but it was not much of a success. This next album, "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Remastered Version)" featured the international smash title track which combined cold synthesisers and Ms Lennox's warm voice. The song was also helped by the innovative music video and launched their career.

They went on to release eight albums, selling over seventy five million copies and had many top ten hits while continuing to change musical directions throughout before taking an unplanned hiatus starting in 1989. Each released solo albums during this time before reuniting and releasing "Peace" in 1999 which has remained their last album to date. Although they have not officially disbanded, there are no current plans for them to record any new music in the foreseeable future.

This is the first hit single:

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This).mp3

Also, here is the music video for the song:


Gordon Sumner or as he is better known, Sting, a nickname he received after performing on stage wearing a black and yellow stripe sweater, was the lead singer and bass player of the hit British rock band, The Police before he decided to leave the band and start a solo music career.

For his first record, he gathered together a group of jazz musicians that included Branford Marsalis and together they created a jazz-rock fusion album. "Dream of the Blue Turtles" was a huge hit that sold over three million copies in the U.S. and featured two top ten singles. There was even a documentary film made of the recording sessions called, "Bring on the Night [Blu-ray]" (1985) that was directed by Michael Apted.

Sting has gone on to release seven more solo albums, won eleven Grammy Awards and has acted in many films.

This song started his solo career:

If You Love Somebody(Set Them Free).mp3

American teenager, LaDonna Gaines was part of the European touring company of the rock musical, "Hair" when she settled in Munich, Germany to marry Helmut Sommer and try a music career.

"Love To Love You Baby" was actually her second album, now called Donna Summer, following, "Lady of the Night" (1974) but that had only been released in Europe and was a minor hit. She was reluctant to record the title song and actually first did it as a demo for another artist. The producers, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte loved what she did and talked her into allowing them to release her version. It was first released in Europe and was a modest success.

Casablanca Records president, Neil Bogart heard the song, loved it, had the song reworked and released it in America. It became a smash hit and that success traveled around the world. This album was quickly released, more hit songs followed and she soon became "The Queen of Disco".

At the end of the disco era, Donna Summer managed to continue making hit recordings by moving towards a pop-rock and R&B sound. She has released eighteen albums, won five Grammy Awards and has sold over 130 million albums worldwide.

Here is that song that was actually banned on some radio stations at the time:

Love To Love You Baby.mp3


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