Friday, June 11, 2010


I had noticed that all of my previous posts have featured music from the not too distant past, but I do listen to the current stuff.

Here is some new music of interest:


To be honest, I have not heard the whole record, "BIONIC - DELUXE (Explicit)" yet but what I have heard, I haven't been overly excited about. I think she is moving in a direction she doesn't need to go and others are already doing and are doing much better. She should be doing music that showcases her amazing voice and not buries it under heavy electronic sounds and vocal distortions. Lead the pack, don't follow it. You deserve and can do better, Xtina.

Here is one of the better tracks off the new record that features M.I.A.:

Elastic Love - Christina Aguilera


This is the sixth CD from British soul singer, Jamie Lidell who hasn't gotten nearly enough attention on this side of the Atlantic. You can hear all of the different musical influences in his work but he combines classic r&B with throbbing electronic rhythms to create his unique sound.

This is my one of favorite songs off of "Compass": I Wanna be Your Telephone .


R&B songstress, Leela James has returned with that sultry voice with a new record, "My Soul" and I am glad she's back. I have been a fan since her first CD, "Change Is Gonna Come" (2005) and I hope her latest brings her all the proper accolades she truly deserves.

Check out this track: Tell Me You Love Me

And finally, the new video by Lady Gaga for her latest single, "Alejandro". With it's thinly veiled homage to the video images of Madonna, the video's highlights are Gaga's awkward dancing and the overt sexuality which comes across as derivative and a little desperate.

At over eight minutes, it is bit too lengthy for a music video and the extra time adds nothing and feels self indulgent. Lady Gaga seems like she has gotten to a point where she feels she has to top each new video, making it more grand and outrageous and it's really not always necessary. Maybe her next video should simply be her sitting at a piano, just singing. That would be truly shocking.


DRAKE Sheryl Crow just recently announced that she's recording one last album before only releasing singles in the future, acknowle...