Monday, July 25, 2011

AMY WINEHOUSE (1983 - 2011)

I had just arrived in Detroit Saturday evening for my yearly visit to see family when I saw on CNN the announcement that British r&b/jazz singer, Amy Winehouse was dead at the age of twenty-seven. Although the news was far from surprising but still shocking and very sad.

With her breakthrough album, "Back To Black", Ms Winehouse showed great promise as an amazing talent but her music career took a backseat to her personal demons. She made repeated efforts to try to take control of her issues but she was never able to truly conquer her addictions and I 'm very sure the pressures of fame and success didn't help her any.

I was a very big fan of Ms Winehouse and I'm disappointed that she is no longer with us to share her talent with the world. I hope she is finally at peace and she will be missed.

This is the video for one of my favorite songs of Ms Winehouse:


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