Wednesday, February 1, 2012

DON CORNELIUS (1936-2012)

I was very sad to hear that Don Cornelius, the creator and host of the television show, "Soul Train" had passed away today.

As a child, I remember always looking forward on Saturdays to first watching "American Bandstand" and then turning on "Soul Train". The show was very important to my musical development and brought me so much joy and excitement that I just couldn't wait until next Saturday.

Mr Cornelius was instrumental in bringing r&b in to the households of not only America but to the rest of the world. "Soul Train" gave exposure to established performers but also introduced many new artists on the program when they didn't have many other venues available at that time. Don Cornelius was a true visionary and his contributions to music was just as important as the musical artists themselves.

I wish him eternal peace, love and soul.

In tribute, here are a few examples of my favorite part of "Soul Train" - The line dance. It was the perfect opportunity for people to get some extra-special face time on the show, present some fabulous fashions and show off the latest dance moves:

And who could forget the "Soul Train" scramble:


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