Monday, February 6, 2012


Unless you have just recently come out of a coma, then you should be aware that Madonna is back in the spotlight.

Madonna doesn't do anything small and she has come back in a big way; not only has the second feature film that she co-wrote and directed , "W.E." been officially released, her long awaited 12th studio album, "MDNA" is due on March 26th but she was the half-time show for this year's Super Bowl.

I have to say I'm extremely disappointed in the lead single, "Give Me All Your Luving". From the lame opening chant (Y-O-U you wanna, L-U-V Madonna) to the uninspired lyrics and too familiar melody to the complete-waste-of-their-talent cameos by Nicki Minaj and M.I.A, this song is a complete lackluster affair and it's not even good enough to be campy. And I'm going to say it; she is just way to old to be singing a pop song more appropriate for a fifteen year old.

As for her Super Bowl appearance,  Madonna has certainly packed a lot of entertainment in twelve minutes. As she is wheeled out to the stage on a chariot dragged by oiled and muscle-bound gladiators, Madonna first launches in to "Vogue" dressed as a gold and leather clad Cleopatra, followed by "Music" which features an appearance by current hit makers, LMFAO that is merged with their songs "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy and I Know It". Her latest song is performed with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A in attendance, then Cee-Lo Green and a marching band arrives to do a snippet of "Open Your Heart" before closing with "Like A Prayer" along with Cee-Lo and the world's largest choir. By the end of the song, Madonna disappears behind a cloud of smoke with a lit up message on the stage proclaiming "World Peace". It was a good show and Madonna looked great with all of her trademark moves on display despite some injuries that occurred during rehearsals. It was an over-the-top spectacle but why should it have been anything less and yes, Elton - she did lip-sync really well.

This is the music video for Madonna's new single and the video's not much better than the song:


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